Industry Pathways is focused and committed to serving the needs of companies

Our dedicated Corporate Relations Manager will always consult closely with you to ensure every program is tailored to best suit your individual business requirements.

  • It is our job to be flexible to your needs
  • It is our job to structure the training to your policies and procedures; and
  • Our job… to make your job easier whilst saving you time and the company money

Below are common issues we address on a daily basis:

  • To structure the training to your policies and procedures;
  • To make your job easier whilst saving you time and your company money.

Below is a list of common questions that companies ask in regard to their training needs.

Problem The Industry Pathways Solution
“We have new employees with an urgent start date.” We have processes in place to prioritise the issuing of Statements so that employees can start as soon as possible.
“The training date you have set doesn’t suit our schedule.” We can move dates or add a new date to suit your needs.
“We don’t have much time to waste and don’t really want to be spending money on sending staff to different training venues around the country.” We can train in-house, at your company site or even distance learning. More and more courses are delivered online, which is a convenient way to up-skill your workforce and minimise disruption to your business.
“We are a recruitment / labour hire company and we need some candidates trained.” Companies, recruitment and labour hire firms send candidates to us for training and we organise the necessary training needed to progress to the next stage.
“It appears your head office is based in Queensland, but we are based in NSW.” We have conducted training for companies as far away as Perth, across to Melbourne, as far North as Cairns and everywhere else in between. More importantly, we can also train at any location or at your designated training facility.
“We need our employees to be trained with our policies and culture in mind. How can we get that with an external training provider?” We take the time to truly understand your business culture and have the flexibility to incorporate any of your company’s policies into our training solutions. This means a harmonious conversion to your company’s OHS policies and culture.
“We need help making sure our staff stay with us.” We offer a range of staff retention strategies to companies through learning and up-skilling.
“We need the right trainers for the right job.” We have specialist trainers who have relevant and current experience in the sector. We regularly supply trainers and assessors to employers for a contracted period or as needed.