Industry Pathways, RTOID: 32513 (trading as Australian Paramedical College) for the purpose of these terms and conditions will refer to both entities as Industry Pathways.

The nationally recognised training that is covered by these terms and conditions are;

Emergency Health Care/Paramedical

Our Commitment

To ensure that we provide training and assessment services that meet the needs of clients and industry, we employ qualified and experienced trainers, secure suitable facilities, ensure sufficient opportunities for learning in appropriate environments with relevant resources and assessments which are fair and flexible.

Prior to commencement – Should Industry Pathways cancel a course before commencement, participants will be offered alternate dates, if the course is being rescheduled. If the course is not rescheduled or the dates offered don’t suit the participants need, all fees paid by participants will be refunded in full within fourteen (14) days of the course being cancelled as per our refund policy.

For courses that have commenced – In the unlikely event that Industry Pathways is unable to deliver the specified course in full, the student will be offered the option to enrol in the same course at alternate dates. Should Industry Pathways be unable to offer an alternate course that suits the needs of the client, Industry Pathways will refund all unused fees paid and assist the student to find an alternate course with another registered training organisation – as per our refund policy.

The refund of unused course fees and issue of the statements of attainments of completed units will be issued within fourteen (14) days from the course ceasing – as per our refund policy.

Service Commitment

Your questions are important to us but please be aware that our trainers are working with other clients as well as yourself. We are committed to returning your calls and emails but we ask that you allow us two (2) working days to respond.

Assessment feedback will be given within twenty-one (21) working days of our receiving the assessment in the office (not from the day it is posted). Statements of Attainment/Qualifications are issued within 14 working days of your completion.

Please advise us if you would like to withdraw or cancel your enrolment for any reason. This enables us to issue your Statement of Attainment for units completed.

Under 18 enrolment

Applicants under the age of 18 years of age (at the time of enrolment) must seek approval from their parent or legal guardian prior to enrolment submission.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you are confirming that your parent or legal guardian are fully aware of and agree with the terms and conditions as set out herein and furthermore give their permission for you “the applicant” to enrol in this course.

Expectations of participants

To avoid any confusion in the future, the following expectations of behaviour are provided. Compliance with these expectations is required by all participants.

  • Work towards achieving goals set within training plan and completion by anticipated completion date
  • Abide by copyright and plagiarism laws and legislation
  • Comply with occupational health and safety regulations at all times
  • Comply with anti-discrimination legislation at all times. This includes but is not limited to equal opportunity, racial vilification and disability discrimination
  • Comply with workplace harassment, victimisation and bullying regulations at all times
  • Ensure that behaviour is of a level acceptable to the workplace at all times
  • Complete training and assessment activities within agreed time frames
  • Communicate any difficulties with completion of activities or assessment with your Trainer
  • Inform your Trainer in advance of any intended absences
  • Inform your Trainer immediately should you be unable to attend due to illness or other reasons
  • Inform your Trainer if you have a medical condition that may affect your participation or affect those with whom you may be training

Complaints & Appeals

Industry Pathways Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a high standard of service. Should a participant have a complaint or wish to appeal an assessment result they are encouraged to do so by using the following process:

First Instance – Participants are encouraged to speak immediately with their trainer. If the participant is not comfortable addressing the issue with the trainer, they are encouraged to contact the Compliance Manager.

Second Instance – If the issue is not resolved the participant is encouraged to either speak to the Compliance Manager or contact the Compliance Manager in writing. Participants have 20 working days in which to register a complaint or appeal against a result.

Third Instance – If the matter is still not resolved an independent panel will be sourced by Industry Pathways Pty Ltd to assist with resolution. This panel may include relevant training representative(s), legal representatives (e.g. Anti-discrimination board or other relevant persons).

Outcomes of complaints or appeals will be provided to the candidate in writing within 10 working days.


Participants’ fees may be paid progressively via our 3rd party financial provider Debit Success and their conditional  arrangements, over a period of a minimum 12 months, conditions apply. Please contact head office on (07) 5520 2522 to discuss.

Student course fees are inclusive of all required training materials (excluding textbooks required for all courses), workbooks and equipment required to successfully complete the training and assessment. Students are not required to purchase any additional training materials.

Students will be required to provide basic stationary for all courses. Some courses require access to a computer and internet for research activities. Please contact Industry Pathways on (07) 5520 2522 if you are unsure if the course you want to enrol in requires computer access and/or internet access.

No additional fees are charged for re-assessments.

In the event that you require your Certificate or Statement of Attainment to be re-issued (as the original was lost, damaged or destroyed) a replacement can be issued for a fee of $30 including GST.

Course Refunds

(Incorporating deferring course, cancellations & withdrawals from courses)

Refunds information – find out more here



Any student who wishes to discontinue their studies is free to do so, but there is no obligation on the part of Industry Pathways to reinstate any student who has withdrawn.

A student who has withdrawn may reapply at a later date, subject to any legislative restrictions that may apply. Any such re-application will be considered through the normal new application processes and course availability.

Suspension and Cancellation

A student may have his or her enrolment suspended or cancelled as a result of unsatisfactory academic progress, persistent poor attendance, academic misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.


Industry Pathways recognises that LLN (Language, Literacy and Numeracy ) is an important component of the course offered. The course requires a good level of literacy-speaking, reading, comprehension and writing.

Credit Transfer

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have previously undertaken training through a Registered Training Organisation. Credit transfer may be granted for one or more units or a full certificate level.

Three major factors need to be considered:

  • How current the qualification is
  • Mapping to the current qualification and
  • If the training was undertaken with a Registered Training Organisation

If you think you may be eligible for a credit transfer, you will need to provide the following:

  • A certified copy of the original Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate for your Trainer Or
  • A copy of the original Statement of Attainment and/or Certificate plus the original to be sighted by your Trainer

By accepting these terms and conditions you are also giving your permission for Industry Pathways to verify any statement of attainment or testamur and record of results used in granting credit transfer or recognition of prior learning with another provider.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning is the process of formal recognition for skills and knowledge gained through previous learning such as:

  • Life experiences previous formal learning employment
  • Recreational or personal interests

You may be eligible for recognition of prior learning for part or all of your intended study, based on your previous experiences and learning.

For more information regarding RPL and how to apply, please contact head office on (07) 5520 2522.

By accepting these terms and conditions you are also giving your permission for Industry Pathways to verify any statement of attainment or testamur and record of results used in granting credit transfer or recognition of prior learning with another provider.

Competency Based Training & Assessment

Participants enrolled in training which will lead to either a Statement of Attainment or Qualification are required to complete assessments to demonstrate competency. Competency based assessment is the process of gathering evidence to confirm that participants can perform required skills and knowledge.

Assessments undertaken may include:

  • Written/oral assessments practical demonstrations
  • Completion of case studies and similar activities
  • Development of a portfolio work samples
  • Third party reports

Participants will be given feedback on all assessment activities. Competency based assessment does not use a marking scale rather the participant is deemed competent or not yet competent.

You will be given 3 attempts at all assessment tasks (inclusive of practical assessments).

Prior to a final attempt, you will be advised by your trainer/assessor in writing on where you are required to focus your attention (i.e. where you have been deficient in your past attempts) and extra assistance with specific assessment tasks that require consideration will be available to you on request.

Should you fail your third (3rd) attempt, you will be deemed Not Competent in the unit of competency and additional charges will apply should you wish to make further attempts to demonstrate competency.

Please make sure that you attach an assessment cover sheet to your assessment. These are provided by Industry Pathways Pty Ltd and must be signed by all students.


All participants will receive their assessment feedback and result within a timely manner.

On completion of a Qualification or unit of competency, Industry Pathways Pty Ltd will issue Statements of Attainment/Certificates in a timely manner.

Please note: If you require a Statement of Attainment to be issued during your enrolment, you will need to notify Industry Pathways. You will then receive an invoice of $30. This must be paid prior to receiving your Statement of Attainment and can be paid via Direct Debit, Credit Card or Cheque.

Participant Support

Industry Pathways Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing a high standard of service to participants. Participants can contact their Trainer by phone, email, post or fax during office hours. We endeavour to respond to participants as quickly as possible but participants are reminded that our trainers do have other participants and classes to attend to.

Should participants require further support, Industry Pathways Pty Ltd can assist in identifying the appropriate support service as well as organising access to such service. Services referred to may include but are not limited to language, literacy & numeracy, counselling, etc.

It should be noted that such services may attract an additional fee by the service provider. Such fees are the responsibility of the participant should they seek to utilise such services.

Access to Participant Records

Participants may wish to access their records to check on work completed, progress or for other reasons. Please organise with your Trainer a time suitable to view your training records. Other parties will not be permitted to access participant files without written consent from the participant.

Release of Contact Details and Information

To ensure that Registered Training Organisations meet the national standards and offer quality training to participants, the registering body conduct regular audits. The audit process involves a review of a training organisations policies, procedures, record keeping and practices. On occasion the registering body may contact past and present training participants to conduct an interview to confirm that the organisation is complying with its obligations and providing a service which meets the needs of clients and industry.

Upon request, Industry Pathways Pty Ltd are required to supply the following information to the registering body: Contact details including address, telephone numbers and email address.

For audit purposes and in the event of a complaint or appeal, the registering body may request to view participant files. The purpose of this is to ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Industry Pathways Pty Ltd can contact you from time to time for marketing purposes.

Change of Personal Details

Should you change any of your personal details please phone our head office and notify a resource coordinator.

Course Evaluation

Your feedback is particularly important to our commitment to ongoing improvement. Throughout your training you will be asked to provide your thoughts and comments on the training received. Industry Pathways Pty Ltd also encourages all participants to make contact, should they wish to provide feedback or comments on any aspect of the service they have received.

Access & Equity Policy

Based on the Access and Equity Policy for the Vocational Education and Training System Industry Pathways Pty Ltd will provide training that is:

  • Equitable for all people through the fair allocation of resources and involvement in vocational education and training
  • Provide equal opportunity for all people
  • Provide access for all to appropriate quality vocational education and training programs and services; and
  • Provide support services which enhance achievement of positive outcomes


Industry Pathways Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that all of its representatives, clients and participants are treated fairly and equally in their employment and training.

All opportunities are determined on the basis of merit without regard to nationality, race, religion, sex, sexuality, marital status, pregnancy, politics or impairment.

Trainer/Assessors are accountable for the implementation of this policy.

Industry Pathways Pty Ltd and its representatives have a responsibility to provide an environment, which is free either directly or indirectly, from any form of discrimination, harassment, insult, ridicule, victimisation or bullying.

Sexual Harassment

All representatives of Industry Pathways Pty Ltd are required to note and agree to comply fully with the regulations and legislation preventing sexual harassment and ensure that all training participants are made aware of and comply with such regulations and legislation requirements.

Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Making unsolicited and unwelcome written, verbal, physical or visual contact with sexual over tones (for example: jokes, slurs, assault, touch or posters)
  • Continuing to express sexual interest after being informed that the interest is unwelcome
  • Masking reprisals, threats of reprisal or implied threats of reprisals following a negative response. (for example, suggesting a poor performance report will be given)
  • Engaging in implicit or explicit coercive sexual behaviour which is used to control, influence or affect the career, salary or environment of another; and
  • Offering favours or benefits such as promotions, favourable reviews, favourable assigned tasks, etc. in return for sexual favours.

Industry Pathways Pty Ltd strives for an environment free of sexual harassment. These polices against harassment apply to both the training and work environments for participants, clients, staff and contractors

Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which includes warnings, reprimand, suspension, dismissal or cancellation of contract.

Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000

The object of the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000 is to establish the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian and to promote and protect the rights, interests and well-being of children in Queensland.

For more information go to:

For further information regarding the above legislation or to search for other legislation, visit the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel (OQPC).

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