The Mining Supervisors G1, G8, G9 (formerly S1, S2, S3) course – for those wanting to further their mining career.

The course is very thorough and will equip you to become a leader or WH&S Officer in the mines.

Supervisor Course G1, G8, G9 (formerly S1,2,3)

The Mining Supervisors G1, G8, G9 course is for those who wish to further their mining career.

                • RIICOM301D – Communicate information
                • RIIWHS301D – Conduct safety and health investigations
                • RIIRIS301D – Apply risk management processes

As well as a face-to-face, 2 day classroom based course, the Supervisor course can be completed online.

This is is specifically designed to help supervisors, union representatives, safety committee members, assistant safety officers and other staff who identify and manage work health and safety hazards. Undertaking this program by distance learning has its advantages – you can start any time you like with full online and telephone support.

There is a practical sign-off required for competency in this course. We will provide a workbook to be taken back to your work site because of a practical component in this course not being able to be signed off owing to the online nature of the course.

Course Content:

Identify and explain WHS legislative requirements;

                • Application of the processes and tasks to conduct OHS inspections and to identify, analyse, assess risks, recommend treatment, contribute to implementation of treatments and to monitor risks;
                • Preparation, testing and documentation of site working instructions or equivalent;
                • Application of safety and health investigative processes at the operational level, including the identification and collection of evidence, the analysis of evidence to identify the reasons for and results of the occurrence or situations;
                • Identification and documentation of courses of action to resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence of the issues or problems;
                • Effectively communicate information with other persons in the mining and resource industry; verbally and in writing. This includes report form, participating in meetings, making presentations and participating in operational level negotiations.

Course Outcomes:

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

                • Conduct inspections
                • Understand risk management concepts and be able to perform risk assessments in accordance with the hierarchy or control
                • Develop site working instructions
                • Identification and documentation of courses of action to resolve and/or prevent re-occurrence of the issues or problems
                • Conduct incident investigations
                • Understand appropriate methods of communication

Course Delivery

The Supervisor course is completed online, so you can complete it in just a few days. Everything you need is contained in the course reading material and assessment. Take the next step in your mining career – become a Supervisor and move into a management role. When you’ve finished the course and been marked competent, then you will be issued with the appropriate certificate.

Course Details

Cost: $670

Please read our refund policy before booking this course.

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