Standard 11 Mining Induction Course

Take the first steps to securing yourself a high paying mining job

Mine site employment can be an amazing opportunity for you to realistically earn a good wage even if you’re just starting out!

However, such big pay packets mean there is a lot of competition to get those high paying mining jobs. So when you apply for a mining job you need to be sure you’re going to stand out from others who want the same job.

Do you know what is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of training on a mine site?….SAFETY!

Mining companies want to ensure that they have an impeccable safety record for many reasons. Of course, they want to ensure that all their workers are kept safe, happy and injury free.

Mining companies look for people who have the best skills, attitude, relevant safety training and qualifications. If you’re just starting out on your mining career, you need to know what kind of workers mining companies are looking to hire?

However, if employees are injured on a mine site, the mining company has to continue paying you, even though you are away from the mine and being non-productive. Mining companies look very carefully at the safety training of people who apply for jobs with them.

Here’s how Standard 11 training will make you stand out;

              • This course follows the Mines Inspectorate directive. This means what you will learn are the skills and knowledge the mining companies want and NEED you to have.
              • Unlike many other training courses, this training also cover metalliferous. This means you can access more mine sites like gold, silver and even work in quarrying.
              • This training is designed to exceed the standards required.
              • Highly engaging training meaning you’ll be able to apply your knowledge and show your employers you have the right skills.

Course details

The Standard 11 is made up of 6 subjects. Together, they form the complete qualification.

              • RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace
              • RIIERR205D – Apply initial response first aid
              • RIIERR302D – Respond to local emergencies and incidents
              • RIIGOV201D – Comply with site work processes/procedures
              • RIIWHS201D – Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
              • RIIRIS201D – Conduct local risk control

How long does the course take?

The course is held over 2 days.

Where is the course held?

Mining induction training can be taken in Brisbane or Townsville. Once you’ve booked and confirmed your place, you will be given a range of dates that best suit you.

Please note: Basic English, reading and writing skills are necessary due to safety requirements on mine sites.

The units of competency that make up the Standard 11 can be used towards completing one of the resource sector’s more advanced qualifications, the RII20213 – Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations. This is one of the biggest qualifications covering around 75 areas of specialty training in the resource and infrastructure industry. Most providers will offer 4 Core Units and 5 Elective units, depending on the the focus of their business.

In this package you will also find the RIIMPO338D Conduct rigid haul truck operations, which is the qualification essential to beginning as career as a dump truck operator on a mine or quarrying site.

More information on the RII20213 – Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations can be found on the official government website.

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Invest in your future with better training to help get into the mines faster.

Every  student receive:

              • This carefully designed 2 day course materials
              • Unlike many other training courses, the course also cover metalliferous; this means you can access more mine sites.
              • The training is designed to exceed the standards required.
              • Trainers have real experience which means not only are they excellent trainers, they can also help you understand life in the mines.
              • Highly practical classes meaning you will be able to apply your knowledge and show your employers real skills.

The mining induction course is only $660

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