The Nationally recognised RIIMPO311D Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations qualification is training course that provides you will skills to be able to drive haul trucks on a mine or quarrying site in Australia.

Dump Truck Training

The dump truck training course is held about 45 minutes west of Brisbane.

The course builds experience in:

        • Driving, loading, tipping, reversing an parking up
        • Emergency braking techniques
        • Incline and decline hauling
        • Daily load count recording
        • Performing daily pre-start checks and maintenance

Experienced Trainers

The trainers are mine-experienced, they know the common problems that haul truck drivers face and they structure the course around these issues.

Course Flexibility

Courses can be customised and combined with a Standard 11 Mining Induction course, which prepares all students for working on Queensland mines, both coal and metaliferous mines like gold, copper, zinc etc.

Dump Truck Operator Jobs

One of the most common questions asked before people take part in the course is “Can I get a job once I finish my training?”. That’s not an easy question to answer. No one can guarantee a job after completing a training course, no matter which industry you are working in. What we do know is that this qualification is absolutely essential if you want to drive a big haul truck in the mines.

Applying for dump truck operator jobs without having the RIIMPO338D code in your resume, your application could be rejected. This is because recruitment agencies use advanced software to scan all applications. They do this to save time by flagging the ones containing the key words that you’ll find in a advert.

For more information on resume scanners, download this eBook on how to beat resume scanning software.