How to become a paramedic in Australia

There are a few options to becoming a paramedic in Australia; it all depends on where you want to work and what role you want to end up in.

Most people think the only roles available for paramedics are with a State Ambulance Service such as Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) or the Ambulance Service of New South Wales (ASNSW). Whilst this is the most popular choice (which also means you have to commit to three years at university to study for your Bachelor degree in Paramedic Science), there are different pathways to working in the pre-hospital emergency health care sector – especially if going to university for three years is not within your immediate reach.

The role of the private paramedic/medic in Australia is not well publicised, however, there are immense job opportunities, offering exciting careers, travelling the world.

We know  you’ve probably got a bunch of questions before you can even think about joining one of our nationally recognised courses, right?

It’s ok, that’s totally normal!

That’s why the Australian Paramedical College can answer all of your questions about how to get started as a paramedic.

You’ll find in-depth descriptions about each course, how you can fit study around your lifestyle and what jobs are available once you’re fully qualified.

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